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Monday, June 19, 2017

Who Touched the Code Last? (git)

Sometimes I'd like to know who to ask about a piece of code. I've developed a little Python script that shows the last people who touch a file/directory and the ones who touched it most.

Example output (on arrow project)
$ owners
Most: Wes McKinney (39.5%), Uwe L. Korn (15.3%), Kouhei Sutou (10.8%)
Last: Kengo Seki (31M), Uwe L. Korn (39M), Max Risuhin (23H)

So ask Wes or Uwe :)

Here's the code:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Go's append vs copy

When we'd like to concatenates slices in Go, most people usually reach out for append. Most of the time this solution is OK, however if you need to squeeze more performance - copy will be better.

EDIT: As Henrik Johansson suggested, if you pre-allocate the slice to append it'll fast as well.

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