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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Minimizing IDLE Popup Time

Well... I'm back :)

IDLE 1.2 (that comes with Python 2.5) has a nice feature that when you write something like os. and wait a bit, IDLE will pop a menu with all the attributes os has (A.K.A intellisense).

However the default time you have to wait before this helpful menu pops is 2 seconds. I find this a bit too long.

The solution is to create a file call config-extensions.cfg in a directory called .idlerc that is in your home directory (this is where IDLE stores all of its configuration files). Write the following lines into this file:
And you're done! Next time you write os. the menu will pop up almost immediately.

Q. How do I know where is my home directory?
A. OK, you windows user, just type the following in IDLE:

(Yeah, yeah. I'm on a Mac now).

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