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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Forging Python - First Chapter is Up

Finally, first chapter of my upcoming book "Forging Python" is up. I'm doing it leanpub style so comments ans suggestions are more than welcomed.

I plan to finish the book this year, hopefully during the summer. However more than one person said I'm way too optimistic - time will tell :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

353Solutions - 2015 in Review

Happy new year!

First full calendar year that 353solutions is operating. Let's start with the numbers and then some insights and future goals.


  • 170 days of work in total
    • Work day is a day where I billed someone for some part of it
      • Can be and hour can be 24 hours (when teaching abroad)
    • There were total of 251 work days in 2015
    • There were some work days that are not billable (drafting syllabuses, answering emails ...) but not that many
  • 111 of days consulting to 4 clients
    • 1st Go project!!!
  • 58 days teaching 14 courses
    • Python at all levels and scientific Python (including new async workshop)
    • In UK, Poland and Israel


  • Social network provided almost all the work
    • Keep investing in good friends (not just for work :)
  • Workshops pay way more than consulting
    • However can't work from home in workshops
    • Consulting keeps you updated with latest tech
  • Had to let go of a client due to draconian contract
    • No regrets here, it was the right decision
    • Super nice team. Sadly lawyers had final say the company
  • Python and data science are big and in high demand
  • Delegating overhead to the right person helps a lot
    • Accounting, contracts ...

Future Goals

  • Keep positioning in Python and Scientific Python area
  • Drive more Go projects and workshops
  • Works less days, have same revenue at end of year
  • Start some "public classes" where we rent a class and people show up
    • Some companies don't have big enough data science team
    • Need to invest in advertising
  • Publish my book (more on that later)

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