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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Using HAProxy to Prevent Deletes from Elasticsearch

At one of my clients, we wanted something quick and dirty to prevent deletes from Elasticsearch (shield is too expensive and would take too much time to integrate with our systems - we'll fix this technical debt later).

The quick solution was to place HAProxy in front of Elasticsearch and use its acl mechanism to prevent HTTP DELETE. Works like a charm.

Here's the HAProxy configuration and the docker-compose setup file I used to test the configuration.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Python's deque for Go

Working on a Go project with my friend Fabrizio, I've investigated ways to have a faster data structure to store history items with append and pop.

Got the idea to try implementing Python's deque in Go. The C implementation is pretty easy to read. The result is deque for Go, which implement a subset of the features from Python's deque but enough for our needs. And it's pretty fast too:

$ make compare
Git head is 765f6b0
cd compare && go test -run NONE -bench . -v
testing: warning: no tests to run
BenchmarkHistAppend-4  3000000        517 ns/op
BenchmarkHistList-4    2000000        702 ns/op
BenchmarkHistQueue-4   3000000        576 ns/op
BenchmarkHistDeque-4   3000000        423 ns/op
ok   _/home/miki/Projects/go/src/github.com/tebeka/deque/compare 8.505s

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