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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Python's deque for Go

Working on a Go project with my friend Fabrizio, I've investigated ways to have a faster data structure to store history items with append and pop.

Got the idea to try implementing Python's deque in Go. The C implementation is pretty easy to read. The result is deque for Go, which implement a subset of the features from Python's deque but enough for our needs. And it's pretty fast too:

$ make compare
Git head is 765f6b0
cd compare && go test -run NONE -bench . -v
testing: warning: no tests to run
BenchmarkHistAppend-4  3000000        517 ns/op
BenchmarkHistList-4    2000000        702 ns/op
BenchmarkHistQueue-4   3000000        576 ns/op
BenchmarkHistDeque-4   3000000        423 ns/op
ok   _/home/miki/Projects/go/src/github.com/tebeka/deque/compare 8.505s

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