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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Forging Python - First Chapter is Up

Finally, first chapter of my upcoming book "Forging Python" is up. I'm doing it leanpub style so comments ans suggestions are more than welcomed.

I plan to finish the book this year, hopefully during the summer. However more than one person said I'm way too optimistic - time will tell :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

353Solutions - 2015 in Review

Happy new year!

First full calendar year that 353solutions is operating. Let's start with the numbers and then some insights and future goals.


  • 170 days of work in total
    • Work day is a day where I billed someone for some part of it
      • Can be and hour can be 24 hours (when teaching abroad)
    • There were total of 251 work days in 2015
    • There were some work days that are not billable (drafting syllabuses, answering emails ...) but not that many
  • 111 of days consulting to 4 clients
    • 1st Go project!!!
  • 58 days teaching 14 courses
    • Python at all levels and scientific Python (including new async workshop)
    • In UK, Poland and Israel


  • Social network provided almost all the work
    • Keep investing in good friends (not just for work :)
  • Workshops pay way more than consulting
    • However can't work from home in workshops
    • Consulting keeps you updated with latest tech
  • Had to let go of a client due to draconian contract
    • No regrets here, it was the right decision
    • Super nice team. Sadly lawyers had final say the company
  • Python and data science are big and in high demand
  • Delegating overhead to the right person helps a lot
    • Accounting, contracts ...

Future Goals

  • Keep positioning in Python and Scientific Python area
  • Drive more Go projects and workshops
  • Works less days, have same revenue at end of year
  • Start some "public classes" where we rent a class and people show up
    • Some companies don't have big enough data science team
    • Need to invest in advertising
  • Publish my book (more on that later)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Using HAProxy to Prevent Deletes from Elasticsearch

At one of my clients, we wanted something quick and dirty to prevent deletes from Elasticsearch (shield is too expensive and would take too much time to integrate with our systems - we'll fix this technical debt later).

The quick solution was to place HAProxy in front of Elasticsearch and use its acl mechanism to prevent HTTP DELETE. Works like a charm.

Here's the HAProxy configuration and the docker-compose setup file I used to test the configuration.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Python's deque for Go

Working on a Go project with my friend Fabrizio, I've investigated ways to have a faster data structure to store history items with append and pop.

Got the idea to try implementing Python's deque in Go. The C implementation is pretty easy to read. The result is deque for Go, which implement a subset of the features from Python's deque but enough for our needs. And it's pretty fast too:

$ make compare
Git head is 765f6b0
cd compare && go test -run NONE -bench . -v
testing: warning: no tests to run
BenchmarkHistAppend-4  3000000        517 ns/op
BenchmarkHistList-4    2000000        702 ns/op
BenchmarkHistQueue-4   3000000        576 ns/op
BenchmarkHistDeque-4   3000000        423 ns/op
ok   _/home/miki/Projects/go/src/ 8.505s

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

aenumerate - enumerate for async for

Python's new async/await syntax helps a lot with writing async code. Here's a little utility that provides the async equivalent of enumerate.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

git - Creating Pull Request for master

A co-worker asked me for a code review (we're using Stash, but this can work for other systems as well), the problem was that he worked on master (started his own project) and not in development branch. The solution was to create an empty orphan branch and then a pull request from master to that branch (reverse the usual order).

Here's how to create such branch.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Go Tour Exercise Solutions

As a backup plan for the last Go Meetup, I wrote the solutions to the exercises in Go Tour and we discussed some of them.

You can find the solutions here.

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