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Monday, May 20, 2013

Want To Be More Productive? - Improve Your I/O

It always surprise me that people trying to makes themselves more productive overlook their I/O - reading and writing.

I still see many people slowly and inefficiently reading on the input side and pecking their way on the keyboard in the output side.

I guess the reason that people don't invest time in improving their I/O is that it's boring. I'll be the first to agree that learning speed reading or touch typing is boring, however the benefits you'll reap are big - the investment will pay itself every time you interact with your computer.

After getting the basics of speed reading and touch typing out of the way [1], there are many more ways you can improve your I/O. Here are few examples:

  • Learn to efficiently skim through documents
  • Learn to pick what to read
  • Master your IDE
  • Automate everything
  • ...
[1] And you should never stop practicing.

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