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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Having hg output svn diffs

In my current workplace we use Subversion as the main VCS. I use Mercurial on top of it to get easy feature branches. My problem was that we use svn patches in our review process, and mercurial (hg diff -r default) gave me different format patches. The solution (as suggested by durin42 on #mercurial) was to use hgsubversion.

After installing hgsubversion using pip (or easy_install), you need to add it to your ~/.hgrc:
    hgsubversion =

Then you can create patches using "hg diff -svn -r default", I use the following genpatch script for that:
# Generate svn style diff for current hg feature branch

branch=$(hg branch)
if [ -z $branch ]; then
    echo "error: not a mercurial repo" 1>&2
    exit 1

if [ "$branch" == "default" ]; then
    echo "error: in default branch" 1>&2
    exit 1

hg diff --svn -r default > ${branch}.patch

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