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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

bazaar is slow - who cares?

BS: git is faster than mercurial is faster than bazaar!
ME: Frankly dear, I don't give a damn.
BS: But speed is important!
ME: It is. However when you choose a source control system (if you have the
privilege of doing so), there are many more things to consider:
  • Does it fit my work model?
  • Is it stable?
  • Will it stay for long?
  • What's the community like?
  • Is development active?
  • ...
  • Is it fast enough?
BS: But bazaar is the slowest
ME: For many, many projects, it's fast enough
BS: So who too choose?
ME: You do your own math. I chose `bazaar` because it has two features that
the others (to my knowledge) don't have:
  • It knows about directories (I like to check-in empty logs directory - it simplifies the logging code)
  • You can check-in files from another directory (see here)
And, it's fast enough for me (about 1sec for bzr st on ~200K LOC)

BS: OK! ... but git storage is better than mercurial is better than bazaar!
ME: <sigh> Why do I even bother? </sigh> ...

Next week - LISP is faster than Python ;)

BS = blogosphere
ME = me

UPDATE (2009/01/27)
Bazaar slowness started to annoy me too much. I felt that every "bzr st" was taking way to much time (not to mention the updated). So I switched to mercurial.

The difference in timing is even noticeable in the most trivial operations:

[09:19] $time hg --version > /dev/null

real 0m0.060s
user 0m0.048s
sys 0m0.012s
[09:20] fattoc $time bzr --version > /dev/null

real 0m0.191s
user 0m0.144s
sys 0m0.048s
[09:21] $

You feel this 0.13 seconds. It seems that hg --version return immediately but bzr --version takes it's time.

Sometimes speed *does* matter.
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