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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

wxPython calculator in 50 lines of code


Ivan said...

I'm usually a lurker but, with this wxPython calculator I had to change line 55:

label = evt.GetEventObject().GetTitle()


label = evt.GetEventObject().GetLabel()

before it would work.

Nice blog. Good luck with it.

Best wishes


Miki said...

Hello Ivan,

Thanks for being 1'st commenter of my blog :)

evt.GetEventObject().GetTitle() works for me on wxPython

Maybe I should add version information in my posts...


Ivan said...

I seem to be using wxPython (going by python-wxgtk2.6/CHANGES.txt) on Debian (so that's wx-2.6-gtk2-unicode). I haven't tested it on Windows yet (I'll get round to that sooner or later).

I came across your blog as I was looking for samples of wxPython code. I'm doing a comparison of wxPython vs Tkinter+PMW.

I like the SWIG-aspect of wxPython, although I've yet to experiment with SWIG.



Ivan said...

Sorry that's isn't out yet. Ivan

Ivan said...

Just tested the code on Windows (2K): it works fine with GetTitle() or GetLabel()!


Rune said...

Cool code! I'd like to borrow it for teaching purposes.

Miki said...

Hello Rune,

As long as you mention my name somewhere you can borrow as much as you like :)

Have fun,

Rune said...

That's a deal! Thanks. Name and URL.

Miki said...

Changed the code to use GetLabel, will make it more generic.


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sam said...

can i borrow the code? (dont worry ill give you full credit)

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